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Hi! This is me, Lieke, a 34 year old photographer and creator from Heerlen, The Netherlands. 

From an early age I loved photography and capturing people and my environment in a unique way - always on the hunt for light and shadow, the perfect composition and the unusual in the mundane. 

As the years past and trying various types of photography I found my true passion in classic portraiture - it's what makes me thrive every time again. I think 'self love' and 'self-acceptance' is really important; especially as an Autistic Creator. We must celebrate ourselves, embrace our differences and quirks because in the end, that's what makes us so unique and truly authentic. This is the reason why portrait photography is such magical thing to me, the ability to help people see their beautiful selves from another perspective. It is my goal to capture your true self in a pure way and present you with a set of photographs that will last a lifetime!

My photography style can best be discribed as classic, minimalistic and timeless.

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I am a Dutch photographer, based in Heerlen. Mother of a 6 year old son and living life on the Autism Spectrum.

Well known for classic and minimalistic portraiture. I run my own daylight studio in Heerlen, where I do all of my photoshoots and spend my time working and editing. 


My Work

With a personal, subtle and minimalistic approach, I strive to create work that is classic, aesthetic and timeless. 

Up and running since early 2018 and already worked with more than 200 inspiring people. Here's to many more!


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